Tejas Brothers

You were booked here in Rockport, last weekend and we were very disappointed that you could not make it. Do you have plans to come out here anytime in the future? We saw you at the Lumberyard in Roscoe last year and you make quite the impression on my daughter Ava. It was cold out and you even gave her a blanket to keep her warm. Her favorite song is the wiggle song. If you are going to be in the Corpus Christi area at all please let me know so that I can take Ava to see you!
Be Safe,
Vern Loraditch

Tejas Brothers responded on 08/16/2013

Where did you get the information that we did not make our show in Rockport? We did play at Legends last weekend. If you are signed up on the email list, and included your zip code, you will get an email when we will be back in the Corpus area. Tell Ava we said hello!! You can also check our schedule at www.tejasbrothers.com/shows.html.

Thank you,
Tejas Brothers

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