Tejas Brothers

If I were a Country Disc Jockey again, I would play your music (Tejas Brothers) all the time....I'm in love with that accordion....I love the other instruments...but that accordion is the best played I have ever heard!!!!! God Almighty has blessed the Tejas Brothers with OUTSTANDING talent!!!!!! You guys are great......Tone Forgot my question, how long did it take to learn how to play that accordion? Your music reminds me of the "om pa pa" music of Germany, France, Spain, Italy and others as I travel a lot !!!!!

Tejas Brothers responded on 01/09/2014


Dave practiced his accordion for a few weeks before he went to do his first show several years ago in a small Mexican restaurant in Grand Prairie, TX. He did that for a handful of years before The Tejas Brothers came about. Thanks for getting in touch and for the compliments.

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Tejas Brothers

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