Tejas Brothers

Hola...John..where did you learn how to play bass or were you self taught. What kind of upright bass are you playing now and what amp/speakers do you use? Congratulations on you guys' 1st four years!

Tejas Brothers responded on 09/09/2010

Well I am pretty much self taught. I have picked up tips from friends through the years. I started playing electric bass in the late 80s. Bought my first upright in '96. The bass I am playing now was purchased in Antwerp, Belgium in '97 at Pro-Arte www.proarte.be I am currently using a a Peavey Pro-Bass 500 amp with an SWR GoliathIII 4x10 cabinet. While we're on the subject, big tip of the hat to Blackie Graham at Brook Mays music in Dallas. He recently replaced the bridge on my bass and it plays and sounds better than it ever has!!! Thanks for the congrats!!! John

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